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Regal Chana Dall 400g

Vendor: Delights


ooking for a tasty and healthy snack to treat your desi taste buds? Well, Regal Chana Dall is a great choice for that. This popular Asian savory is a good source of protein and fiber, making it a great option to refuel your energy anytime, anywhere. So grab a pack of Regal Chana Dall 400g to enjoy it on its own or pair it with a cup of tea.

Healthy and tasty Chana Dall Snack – Now available for delivery anywhere in Europe!

Regal Chana dall is a popular snack among Asians which is now easily available in Europe at Thokmandee, your online destination for desi snacks and spices. Regal Snacks makes this delicious snack by frying the Chana Dall (chickpeas) and then seasoning it with some traditional spices. The unique combination of rich spices gives it a delicious taste that is hard to resist. A pack of Regal Chana Dall 400g is filled with all the goodness of proteins and fibers, combined with fresh and tasty plant-based ingredients. This vegan and gluten-free snack is loved by everyone for all the right reasons.

Regal Foods EU makes this simple and light snack to satisfy your cravings for a salty savory in a healthy way. This everyday snack is great to enjoy as a standalone snack or pair with a cup of coffee or tea. Now the best thing is that you can order this delicious snack from the Best Online Store in EUThokmandee, at reasonable prices. Order now to stack up your pantry with this savory treat or get wholesale Chana Dall for your business. To get started, please call us at+46 72 162 00 40.

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