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The Wholesome
Wholesale Experience

Our name like us, is derived from our roots serving as a reminder for us that no matter how the world changes, our origins empower us.
Thok – wholesale, Mandi – market, does exactly that, encapsulating our meaning, while Punjabi connects us to our origins.


Foundation of the
Amanat Group


Independent brands on Thokmandee


Trusted by diverse partner companies


Countries served in the European Union

What We Do

Crafting Connections, Empowering Businesses
When tradition meets innovation we create an open and welcoming space where business and culture coexist, we promote a community of cultural diversity all across Europe. An exclusive platform where businesses of all sizes can thrive!

We aim to provide trade-centred EASE. We ensure our stakeholders are successful in their business, whether as a buyer or a seller. We encourage incentive to grow, our platform delivers the tools and opportunities to expand your scope of reach, connect, and elevate your venture.

Our Mission

Facilitate the network of buyers and sellers, making wholesale transactions accessible and efficient – encouraging the development of local retailers and enabling brands to expand their customer base in Europe.

Our Vision

Empowering wholesale trade with innovative simplicity, the ease of business is redefined, blending traditional values with modern efficiency for a transformative experience.

Connecting Vendors
Globally for Thriving Trade

Simplified Logistics

We have done the work for you! Thokmandee has negotiated
rates for our sellers with leadings shipping companies, or go ahead
and ship your way - we’re all about options.

Breezy Bulk Buying

Retailers can buy our range with ease - bulk buying is easier
than ever before. All the important information, paperwork and buying
details are tracked through our website.

Empowering Growth

With our goal being convenience for our users, our purpose is for your
business venture to flourish. Get in touch with us so we can help you plan
your expansion and reach in Europe.




Continuous Improvement

At its core, Thokmandee
is dedicated to easing the business processes
between brands and retailers and fostering a competitive yet unified approach to their shared goals.

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