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Haldiram – 200g Vegetable Pulao (ready-to-eat)



Are you tired of the long cooking process and want something instant??Haldiram ? 200g Vegetable Pulao?is the perfect ready-to-eat meal with authentic traditional flavours. Get homemade food done in just 2 minutes and serve it in today?s meal. And the best thing about this?Haldiram’s Vegetable?Pulao is doesn?t taste frozen.?

Add?traditional flavour to your meal with our authentic ready to eat food items

To satisfy your hunger with healthy & delightful food, try our?Haldiram Vegetable Pulao 200g?which cooks instantly. So now with thokemandee, you can proudly say Indian taste is not far away in Europe. Made of rice and a fresh assortment of veggies our provided?Vegetable Pulao?is a perfect spicy ready-to-eat meal. While preparing them we make sure?Haldiram Vegetable Pulao 200g?contains a perfect ration of ingredients that offer delicious taste and texture. This is our food quality and prices which make us the leading food supplier. Therefore, our Haldiram’s Veg Pulao is prepared with a fresh selection of vegetables such as beans, carrots, onions, peas, and spices. To keep their qualities to the mark we pack them in secure packaging that sustains their taste and freshness. In our online grocery store, we offer you all types of?Haldiram Snacks?and ready-to-eat food items that satisfy your craving.

We know how conscious you are about the food therefore we ensure no artificial colour or flavour is used. Our all snacks are made with natural ingredients with authentic Asian savour. Are you worried about the pricing? With top-quality and low prices we win the heart of our customers. So don?t be worried about prices even though we provide our clients with special discounts on bulk orders. But we also deal with personal consumption orders whether it’s just few packets.?

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