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Raga Bites

Your trusted snack and beverage distributor takes its wide range of premium beverages to a whole new level.

Our drinks include energising soft drinks, malts and juices that are full of flavour, as well as more sophisticated choices for health-conscious customers. Experience an explosion of flavors of beverages from all over the world, meticulously picked to delight both your sense of taste and mood. 

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Why Us

With an Effortless transaction process, diverse array of products, and a supportive community, Thokmandee is the right service to assist your business journey. We understand the dedication and hard work that goes into starting a business, and we’re dedicated to supporting it with a platform that reflects care, chance, and growth.

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Here at Thokmandee, we’re on a mission to create an ecosystem that enables brands and independent retailers to thrive. In other words, we’re restoring retail to its natural state.

Wholesale Journey

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Signup & Account Creation

Shipping & Logistics

We have done the work for you! Shipping and logistics costs are already negotiated. After an order has been placed, we take over from there.

Customer Feedback

We provide opportunities for you to connect with customers and ask for feedback, important for reputation and future sales.  

 Growth & Expansion

Thokmandee’s community is dynamic and beneficial, we ensure exciting growth and expansion possibilities.

Assistance & Queries

Continuous support for our sellers with everything they need, at any time.

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