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Haldiram – 300g Palak Paneer (ready-to-eat) with tofu



Haldiram’s Palak Paneer?is the best instant and quick hunger relief ready-to-eat food. It is the best treat for vegetarians with perfect Indian flavours. Get?curry made with fresh chunks of tofu?that ensure a mouth-watering aroma and taste. Now bring Indian flavor right to your home with?ready-to-eat?perfect?palak paneer.?So, grab your phone and book your order and give yourself a delicious treat.?

Experience delightful Indian subcontinent savour in just a glimpse with us

Get fresh green spinach gravy with cottage cheese in ready-to-eat form with us. That not just excites your taste buds but also treats them with original Indian flavours. We at,?Thokmandee?offer a simple and convenient way to prepare your favourite dish instantly. We provide?Haldiram’s – 300g Palak Paneer (ready-to-eat with tofu)?that you can serve with naan, paratha, or rice according to your desire. To retain the freshness and flavours for a long time, we hygienically packed them in protective packaging. We assure you, deliver?Haldiram’s Palak Paneer?with the finest quality. If you want to order?ready to eat?food in?wholesale?or?bulk, just brief us. We have you covered at low prices. We manufacture?Haldiram’s Palak Paneer?with?tofu?with great care without any artificial flavours. These?ready-to-go?tofu?is healthy, yummy, and high in protein perfect for health-conscious customers. With easy-to-cook recipes, they are ideal for personal consumption for foodies. But if you never taste any Indian or Pakistani flavour, then we guarantee you to just give a try to our edibles. We assure you that it will fully satisfy your taste buds. Browse our variety of Indian and Pakistani flavours edibles and pick the one you want. Once the order is placed, get them at your gateway with secure and quick shipping.?

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