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Haldiram – 200g Kashmiri Mix (with Peas, Noodles & Cashews)

Vendor: Delights


Want something light and healthy for an afternoon snack? Haldiram Kashmiri Mix is the best option. The delicious taste and high protein it contains make it the best party snack. Haldirams kashmiri mixture with green chickpea halves provides perfect savor to the taste buds. It’s the ideal snack everyone should try to satisfy their late-night craving. Their fresh and crispy cashew nuts with potato chips give the perfect mixture of spicy snacks for hunger.

Satisfy your taste buds with fresh and healthy Haldiram snacks

Are you a snack lover? Want some tasty snacks to satisfy your hunger? If, yes then thokmandee is right place for you. Thokmandee offers a wide range of snacks and Indian food products that you can now buy online. It not only saves your time but also provides the yummiest Indian snacks like Haldiram’S Kashmiri Mixture 200G. These Haldiram snacks excellently offer you original desi and Indian flavor at affordable prices. On ordering Haldiram Bombay Mix in wholesale or bulk you can get a special discount. Even if you want a few packets of Haldiram Kashmiri Mix, just brief us and we got you covered. We pack these Haldiram snacks in protective packaging that preserves their taste and freshness for longer. So, whenever you open the Haldiram Kashmiri Mix packet for the first time you find the exact taste and crispness with perfect aroma. So, what are you waiting for? Go and give a look at our online grocery store where you will find all kinds of healthy snacks. We guarantee you the taste and authentic flavor as we never compromise on quality. We manufacture our all snacks including Haldirams kashmiri mixture with great care and keeping all the health standards in mind. Now place the order of your favorite snack by calling on given number. Your order will be delivered to your gateway in the safest and fastest way.

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