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Qarshi Sandal Syrup 12X800ML

Vendor: Ragabites


Sharbat-e-Sandaleen is a refreshing treat in the scorching summer heat. Prepared from distillates of Sandalwood, It is a natural product free from artificial flavors. Oppressive heat & humidity during the summer season is more likely to afflict us with dehydration, heatstroke, and exhaustion. An excellent refreshing drink that helps keep the summer heat at bay. Produced on the state of the art plant with gold standard manufacturing technique Sharbat-e-Sandaleen undergoes multiple tests and checks to ensure its quality.

Benefits: Cooling and refreshing in an action. Offers natural protection against sunstroke. Quenches thirst. 203 Tests and Checks for quality assurance.

Suggested Use: Mix in cold water to beat the heat and stay cool throughout the day. Add in the milkshake to enhance and contrast the taste and flavor. Add as a topping on ice cream, fruit cakes, and other desserts to give them an exotic earthy twist.

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