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Haldiram – 200g Nimbu Masala Mix (sour & spicy)

Vendor: Delights


Our Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka adds flavour to the real foodies. Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka Namkeen is famous for its sour taste with Indian flavour. These snacks are ideal for erasing late-night cravings or serving guests at a party. So, book your order right away without any delay to taste it.

Get perfect party snacks with original Indian and Pakistani flavours 

Invite your friends at home and serve them our lip-smacking Punjabi Tadka with cold drinks. Surely they will never forget your party and the taste of your serving snacks. Their crunchy gram flour sticks with gram masala flavour become the favourite snacking food among vegetarians. Even if you never taste any Indian flavour snacks, we guarantee you just give Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka a try. Its classic taste with a Punjabi twist surely satisfies your taste buds and start craving more. We are one of the best Indian food suppliers. Whether it’s Haldiram snacks, ready-to-eat food, or lentils that you want, we provide them all at reasonable prices. We are committed to offering quality food that is prepared in a safe and secure environment. While packing them, we make sure they will pack in protective packaging that preserves their freshness and taste for a long period. Thokmandee offers Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka – 200g with original Indian taste. We deal in both short-run and bulk orders, so just brief your preferences. We also give exciting discounts on bulk orders of Haldiram Punjabi Tadka Mix. Visit our online grocery store and find quality food, authentic Indian & Pakistani flavour at affordable prices. We ensure that our prepared food fully satisfies your taste buds with real Indian flavour and healthy ingredients. Once the order is done, get your order delivered to your doorstep with secure shipping.

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