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TRS Barley Flour 1 KG



TRS Barley Flour is perfect to inject a sweet and nut-like flavour into your baked goods recipes. It is one of the popular alternatives to wheat flour. They play a vital function in providing a thick texture for soups and stews. Now Buy TRS Barley Flour 1 kg for additional authentic flavour, nutrition, and wonderful tender texture.

Get genuine and original Indian and Pakistani flavours with Thokmandee
If you the one who loves making new recipes or running a bakery store, you need the finest quality TRS Barley Flour. Here at Thokmandee, we offer a wide range of authentic lentils, flours, spices, and snacks. That makes your meal more appetizing and satisfies your hunger. We are the one-stop online grocery store that caters to all types of orders whether it’s a few packets for personal use or in bulk order. If you are looking for superior quality barley flour to make a variety of baked goods and dishes, buy TRS Barley Flour wholesale. Even if you want TRS Barley Flour in bulk we give you a special discount that helps you to meet your budget. Have you any doubt about quality? Don’t be! We use only natural ingredients and no artificial colour or flavour will be used. From cleaning and grinding of barley grains to packing, we ensure all health or hygienic standards. Our safety measures make us the Ethnic Foods Wholesaler in the EU.

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