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TRS – 1X10kg Red Kidney Beans

Vendor: Delights


Our Red Kidney Beans are known for their sweet taste. It is an ideal source for the preparation of an authentic Indian dish without meat. With their nutty flavours and soft floury consistency, they are essential ingredients in delightful dishes such as rajma chawal, vegetarian dishes (similar to curry) made from beansbean salads, and many other food dishes. Now book your order of TRS – 1X10kg Red Kidney Beans.

Get your hand on high-quality food items with original flavours straight from the Indian subcontinent 

Want to taste the mouth-watery flavour of red kidney beans with original taste? Then, get TRS – 1X10kg Red Kidney Beans from us and enjoy the taste like never before. Their sweet taste with versatility makes them perfect for both desi cuisine and salad items. Cooking TRS Red Kidney Beans for your meal and serving them with rice and roti according to your preferences. They are also rich in protein, fiber, and other nutrients to support and boost your health. At Thokmandee, we are proud to be one of the leading quality food suppliersFrom preparing and cleaning our experts take great care and pack them in protective packaging. These packets are air-tight to make sure the inside-packed edibles reach their end user in good quality. Whether you want a few packets for your personal use or want Delicious Kidney Bean in bulk for your grocery store, just brief us and get it. It’s the quality, prices, and special discounts on bulk orders that we provide, make us top leading wholesale food distributors in this field. Give a visit to our online grocery store and get top-quality food with original taste including lentils, snacks, and ready-to-cook food items. Why are you still waiting? Book your order now and try Delicious Kidney Bean Recipes.

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