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TRS – 1kg Urid Beans Whole (Black)

Vendor: Delights


Urid Whole Beans are small black beans that are perfect to add a nutty flavour to your curries. It is a famous legume in South Asia, used for making dosas, dal, poppadums, and soups with South Indian flavour. With a good source of protein, vitamin B, and nutritious it helps lower bad cholesterol and aids digestion. So, now book TRS – 1kg Urid Beans at affordable prices.

Add Indian flavour touch to your food items with our authentic legumes and lentils 

We know you want an original taste of Indian and Pakistani flavour. Therefore, we at thokmandee come with top-quality TRS Urid Beans Whole that is used as spices to bring warm and nutty flavour to your food. These are small black beans that are usually eaten with hearty Indian meat dishes. Are worried about their quality and freshness? Then don’t be when we are your food supplier. We never compromise on quality, even if you want just a few packets for personal use. Along with TRS Whole Urid Beans, we offer various other legumes and lentils at our online grocery store.

We are not just resistant ourselves to legumes and lentils but also provide you with all types of snacks and ready-to-eat food with delicious taste and original flavours. While preparing them all, we make sure no artificial colour or flavour add to them, and the same case for Urid Beans (whole). Their premium quality, yummy taste, and versatility make them perfect for preparing many dishes. Our manufacturing expert takes deep care of all preparation processes and follows all health standards. Similarly, our packaging expert makes sure TRS Urid Beans Whole is packed in protective packaging that keeps their quality to the mark. Book orders and get them delivered securely to you.

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