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TRS – 12X400g Boiled Brown Chickpeas



Looking for a tasty, healthy, and ready to eat option to add to your pantry? Then what’s better than TRS Boiled Brown Chickpeas? A pack of TRS – 12X400g Boiled Brown Chickpeas contains cooked chickpeas soaked in a little salt water. Add these nutrient-rich boiled chickpeas to your salads or make some classic South Asian dishes with them in no time.

Order TRS Boiled Brown Chickpeas online and create delightful South Asian dishes in no time

Embrace the ease of online shopping and bring the convenience of TRS Boiled Brown Chickpeas to your European homes or store shelves with Thokmandee. You can now order TRS – 12X400g Boiled Brown Chickpeas with just a few clicks and enjoy prompt deliveries at your doorsteps. These ready-to-eat Boiled Chickpeas come well-preserved in cans, saving you from the hassle of soaking and boiling chickpeas from scratch.

Whether you’re craving a protein-packed salad, a flavorful curry, or a delicious hummus dip, TRS Brown Chickpeas are the way to go. These pre-boiled brown chickpeas are rich in nutrients and have a tasty creamy flavor that everyone loves. So if you want to prepare delightful meals at home or need a wholesale stock for your business, then buy TRS Boiled Chickpeas from the largest and cheapest online wholesale marketplace in Europe. Order now at Thokmandee, your one stop online ethnic wholesale store, and enjoy the cheapest rates with quick deliveries all across Europe.

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