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Haldiram – 400g Punjabi Tadka Mix

Vendor: Delights


Treat yourself to the spicy and fiery flavors of the delicious Haldiram Punjabi Tadka Mix. This tasty and nutritious Punjabi snack will spice up your snack time with its zesty combination of gram flour noodles, crunchy roasted peanuts, and lentil flour balls blended with a rich Punjabi Tadka seasoning. This mouth-watering snack reflects the Punjabi heritage and is perfect for every occasion.

Bring the flavors of Punjab to Europe with Haldiram Punjabi Tadka Mix

Experience the zesty and delicious taste of Punjab anywhere in Europe with Haldiram Punjabi Tadka Mix. This famous Punjabi snack has a bold and fiery flavor to satisfy your cravings for something spicy. Haldiram snacks creates the best combination of taste and nutrition with its high-quality products.

You will find a perfect blend of crunchy roasted peanuts, lentil flour balls, and gram flour noodles coated with a flavor-dense Punjabi Tadka seasoning in the Haldiram – 400g Punjabi Tadka Mix pack. Being vegan, gluten-free, and a protein-rich snack, it is a healthy snacking option for everyone.

This Punjabi snack combines healthy ingredients and Haldirams Shahi Mixture to create a matchless desi savory that you can order anytime at Thokmandee. It reflects the culture of Punjab and adds a traditional touch to your occasions. You can munch on it anytime, anywhere to refuel your energy. So if you want to buy a pack of this mouth-watering Punjabi Tadka 400g or require bulk quantities for your business,

Thokmandee will satisfy your custom needs. We offer competitive rates and ensure efficient deliveries of Haldiram snacks to your doorsteps in Europe. However, you may call us at +46 72 162 00 40 for more information.

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